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1st May 2018

BAFE SP203 Certification and How PREM Supports Fire Protection

Critical to fire alarms and detection, BAFE SP203 is an industry standard that works to ensure all business involved are acting safely and professionally.  We designed PREM from the ground up to be completely […]
12th April 2018
clouds and sunshine

Harnessing the Cloud for 100% uptime, instant access & no data loss, ever.

Field service management software is usually hosted online,  on a server at the software provider or customer address.  Historically, we’ve worked on both setups with our customers in the past; some who wish to […]
26th March 2018

Take advantage of our fully featured four week free trial

As we’ve said before, at PREM we always put our customers first.  It’s part of our culture that  runs through everything we do at PREM, from how we formulate and develop software, price our […]
15th March 2018
A five pound note

Making enterprise class service management software affordable for all businesses

From our experience of working in the service management sector and developing software, over the years we became well aware of the general dissatisfaction with the way that  management software is priced.  Clients and acquaintances […]
5th January 2018

No mobile signal? No software problem!

Recent advances in technology have meant that smartphones & tablets can be as powerful as any desktop machine, and faster even for specific apps, connectivity and portability.  This week we’re focusing on one key […]
13th December 2017

How can efficient Field Service Management benefit a business?

The process of Field Service Management (or FSM for short) is the part of a business which involves managing a company’s resources out in the field.  Usually this is their mobile workforce of engineers, […]