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Conrad Bate - Lead Developer

Conrad Bate

Lead Developer


Building Operations systems for over 20 years Conrad is an essential part of the team - when you ring our office as to speak to him and he will help you immediately

Graham Bate - Lead Architect

Graham Bate

Lead Architect

01430 441765

Working as an Engineer for over 40 years Graham's direct experience in industry is invaluable when dealing with clients and understanding their problem space

Suzy Bourne - Administrator

Suzy Bourne


01430 441765

Suzy's worked in the Law Courts for many years and is an invaluable asset for us here - if anything needs fixing she's the one who will chase it down!

Gary Tate - Account Executive

Gary Tate

Account Executive

01430 489 444

Gary is the newest member of our team. His passion for customer satisfaction is outstanding.

Naomi Wright - Account Manager

Naomi Wright

Account Manager

01430 441765

Naomi is very motivated and hard working, if she's got something in her in tray she won't forget it.