Why PREM for Field Service Management?


PREM Service Management Software is easy to use in the office, and on the road. Office staff can book service calls with a couple of clicks. The system then allows you to schedule the job to the correct engineer, and repeat as a scheduled event.

Engineers can go paperless and everything is always archived, searchable. We've worked hard to make PREM the best field service management package available today.


With real-time reporting and easy to use dashboards, PREM makes it easy for everyone in the office to see what’s going on. And it can take care of the PDFs too, freeing people up to work on other parts of the business.

You can even had triggers to auto mail customers directly and alter engineers any time there is a change

PREM – good for you, your engineers and customers

Thanks to the cloud, you can use cheap cutting edge engineer management software from your office to bring down your operational costs down and win new business. Whatever the size of your engineers, or fleet of tradesmen, whether you use sub-contractors, PREM makes maintenance, installation and scheduling easier to manage, and it helps take care of the paperwork too.

Our unique pay as you use pricing structure means that you only pay when you are making money – a single flat fee per week with no hidden charges. Whatever your budget there’s a pricing plan to match, and we offer bespoke packages too. It all comes with great customer support, online and on the phone.

  • Only pay for what you use, from just £10 per person per month with no hidden charges
  • Suitable for fleets and operators of all sizes, bespoke systems available
  • Use our Cloud system to improve your business
  • Confirm your customers - give them PDF worksheets for any type of job
  • Build your business, grow your customers confidence
  • No need to invest in new IT equipment or computers
  • System is easy to use and ready to use, and you don’t need much training


From managing timesheets to invoicing, you’ve got lots to do – plus all the forward planning too. PREM takes care of everything and makes sure jobs go smoothly.

Our forward planner makes sure jobs are scheduled efficiently. A Birds eye view Calendar can be a real help when it comes to managing engineers. Plus you can add and remove as many sub-contractors as you like, for a tiny weekly charge.

PREM is easy to use, in fact it’s probably one of the best in its class. It’s based on years of experience in actual engineering, and there’s probably no need to buy new IT hardware or phones, and your staff won’t need lots of training either.

Easy to use system, similar to software you know, with minimal training required

  • Organise Engineers
  • Print PDF Invoices and Purchase Orders
  • Gather customer signatures offline
  • Reliable system has closed over 100,000 jobs
  • Reports engineers performance
  • Produce invoices and timesheets

  • Export and download data with just one click

  • Export data to accounts package

  • Order parts with PREM

  • Auto Email PDF worksheets to customers on job completion


Tradesmen and engineers love the PREM app. IT works offline so as long as the screen isn’t cracked to oblivion and the things has battery you can ALWAYS close your jobs.

PREM collects signatures so easily that there is never any worry about losing paperwork. That’s good news for the engineer, and great news for you. The PREM App is incredibly robust and gives you all the tools you need: plus messaging and reporting functions too.

  • Engineer App works on Android Tablet or Phones
  • Take signatures even offline
  • Successfully Closed over 100,000 jobs
  • Records Parts Used
  • Works offline
  • Alerts engineer if things change
  • Manages timesheets automatically
  • .

TFS Ltd have been using PREM for over two years and our team of 12 engineers have used it on their tablets to handle thousands of maintenance calls and installation visits per annum. PREM automates a lot of the process, we’ve also passed two BAFE SP203 since its implementation . PREM has definitely helped and improved our Service efficiency and flexibility to respond to an increasingly competitive and changing market . Because it was written by people who know the industry, PREM takes the hassle out of day to day operations and would have no problem recommending this system to other service providers.

Kevin Hynes MD at TFS Ltd

Three years ago at PFS&P, our team of 17 engineers and office staff went over to PREM for every single one of our maintenance and installation calls. Thousands of calls later, PREM is invaluable part of our company, and we are very impressed with it. I couldn’t recommend it more, it was one of the best decisions we ever made.

Phil Stenhouse MIET Commercial Director PFS&P LTD

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