BAFE SP203 Certification and How PREM Supports Fire Protection

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12th April 2018
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9th June 2020

Critical to fire alarms and detection, BAFE SP203 is an industry standard that works to ensure all business involved are acting safely and professionally.  We designed PREM from the ground up to be completely supportive of the BAFE certification across any style of business, so engineers can be fully certified across all the work they’re completing.

If you’re not sure who they are, or what the certification is for, we’ve included some information below, and you find out more details on our main BAFE SP203 page, detailing more aspects of the certification that PREM supports.


In 1984 the British Approvals for Fire Equipment (known commonly as BAFE) was established with a dedicated role in fire protection – to maintain the existing standards and to raise them across the board, for all aspects of fire production, including services offered by suppliers and products that existed in the market.

This was executed by implementing a registration and certification process. Businesses could become registered with BAFE becoming part of scheme, and to do so they must be ISO 9000 certified.  By becoming BAFE registered, a business can assure it’s customers that the quality of their fire protection products and services meets the strict criteria laid out by BAFE, is safe and fit for purpose.

Launching a new Certification – SP203

BAFE SP203 is a certification scheme that works with fire protection companies involved in operations, maintenance, management, design and implementation of fire detection and alarms systems specifically. That is, fire alarms, smoke alarms, building detection systems, control panels; all aspects of fire alarm and detection undertakings to ensure this sector of the market could benefit from the same assurances that BAFE had implemented elsewhere.

In becoming BAFE SP203 certified, a company can be assured that all work it undertakes, including documentation, deliveries, assessments, installations and more is safe, fit for use and has been certified compliant with the BAFE program.

SP203 & Service Management Software

Our history and experience at PREM is grounded in the fire alarm and protection industry, which is where we developed many of our other software products, including PREMfire.  It’s here where we cut our teeth getting to grips with every aspect of SP203, making sure all areas of our software systems fully support certification and help businesses get their work completed.

We’ve brought that experience straight across to PREM System, making it one of the industry’s leading software systems that’s fully compatible across all business that are BAFE SP203 certified.  It’s not just for fire services, but as with others it’s one industry that it excels in when answering and actioning service calls out in the field.

If you’d like to know more about PREM, how it can support you business and close more jobs than anything else on the market today, take advantage of a 4 week free trial of our software, simply get in touch or sign up today.